Treat & Identify Creeping Charlie - A Broadleaf Lawn Weed

Treat Difficult Broadleaf Lawn Weeds

Crabgrass Lawn Weed - Broadleaf Weeds

Crabgrass Lawn Weeds Treat Crabgrass Weeds

How To Treat Crabgrass:

The best way to treat crabgrass is by using a pre-emergent in the Spring before the weed germinates.

After crabgrass germinates, it is best to use a commercial product containing quinclorac. 

You should expect to see results about 12-14 days after the application.

โœ… Pro Tip: To dig up crabgrass, use a weed removal tool & gloves to prevent hand injuries.

Learn How To: Identify Difficult Broadleaf Lawn Weeds - Quackgrass

Quackgrass Weeds Treat Quackgrass Lawn Weeds

How To Treat Quackgrass:

If your lawn has quackgrass, it will need a non-selective specialty weed treatment containing Glyphosate.โ€จ

Chemicals should only be spot applied by a professional to quackgrass weeds, so no turf damage occurs.

โš ๏ธ Important Note: Crabgrass & Quackgrass look similar but use different chemicals for treatment. You must have positive weed identification so that the right chemical is applied. Otherwise, treatment may be ineffective. 

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Treat & Identify Creeping Charlie - A Broadleaf Lawn Weed

Creeping Charlie Weeds Treat Creeping Charlie in Your Lawn

How To Treat Creeping Charlie:

To treat Creeping Charlie, we use a commercial combination 3 Way Weed Spray consisting of 2,4-D & Dicamba, mixed with a Surface Surfactant.

โ€จโ“Did You Know: Creeping Charlie can be toxic to dogs & cats ๐Ÿพ if ingested. 

Nutsedge Weed Treat Nutsedge In Your Lawn

How To Treat Nutsedge:

To treat Nutsedge, you will need a particular herbicide, as Nutsedge is a sedge, so traditional broadleaf or grass chemicals will not work. 

We would recommend that you use a product containing halosulfuron or sulfentrazone for treating Nutsedge. Your lawn may need multiple treatments to eliminate this lawn weed.

Nutsedge can be challenging to control, so it is best to treat your lawn from Nutsedge before it spreads. 

๐Ÿ” Fun Fact: Nutsedge can be easily spotted as it grows faster than typical lawn grass.


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