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Whether you are looking for one-time weed pulling service, routine lawn weeding plans, or a full yard clean up to help with weed control, we have a solution for you.

About Our Services

Weed Pulling & Lawn Weeding Removal

Do you have a lawn weed problem and are wondering how to get rid of weeds in your flower beds?  Let Elite Lawn Care take care of your routine weed pulling or your one-time weeding service.  Or if you are looking for the complete package, continue reading below about our lawn care maintenance packages. 

Elite Lawn Care is proud to offer residential weed control and commercial weed control services in McHenry County.  One of the benefits of having a professional landscape maintenance company eliminate the weeds in your lawn & beds, is that we know the types of weeds in the area and how best to remove them.  For the best results, we recommend using our pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control services.

How Often Do You Need Weed Pulling Services?

One-Time Weed Pulling

Looking for a one-time weed pulling services to get your flower beds cleaned up for the season. Our crews will perform a one-time weed removal service at our convenient hourly rate.

Routine Weed Removal

Do you like to keep your lawn and beds tidy all season? Our Lawn Care Maintenance Plans will provide you with routine weed pulling services to ensure your weeds stay away all season.

View our Complete Maintenance Plans

Our plans range from the basics of Mowing & Weed Pulling, to complete seasonal programs, such as our Fertilization & Weed control Package, which are designed to keep your lawn neat & improve your turfs overall health.

Our Property Basics Plan ensures your property looks occupied by maintaining the lawn care essentials at your home. This maintenance plan includes Weekly Lawn Mowing, Weed Pulling in the mulch beds, & applying a Pre-Emergent to help control those pesky weeds in your mulch beds.  

Our Preferred Plus Plan includes services to keep your property neat & clean all season long.  In addition to Weekly Lawn Mowing & Weed Pulling, our Preferred Plus Plan includes seasonally timed services such as Spring Clean Up, Fall Leaf Removal, Fall Clean Ups & Bush trimming.

This plan includes everything in the Preferred Plan, as well as Core Aeration, Ornamental Fertilizer Applications & our Organic-Based Fertilizer Program. Properties receive routine checkups from our VIP maintenance team & fertilization specialists, along with a monthly manager site visit. 

Weeding Services

Do you have a kids playground? We also offer safety playground mulch delivery.

Certified Playground Mulch, when applied to proper depth of 6″ or more provides a cushion, and reduces impacts and injuries when children fall. This mulch is specially chipped with rounded edges to help reduce the risk of splinters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Weed Pulling & Weed Removal

How much does a weed pulling service cost?

Our weed pulling service is performed at an hourly rate plus the cost of debris, but of course, pricing for your request is based on the estimated amount of time that will take our team to complete your job.


Things that will affect the estimated amount of time include property size, property layout, current landscaping condition, the complexity of the landscaping, and your requested scope of work. If you would like a flat rate quote, we are able to provide that after one of our experts has reviewed your property’s current condition.


Give our office a call to schedule your weed pulling or get more information on getting a flat rate quote!

Can I work outside with the crew?

We ask that when you schedule our services, that you let us do the work for you. You are welcome to be home and explain what you would like done to the crew, but working too close to the crew can actually slow down the productiveness and pose a safety risk near our machinery and equipment.

Can I be home to show the crew what I want to be done?

While it is not necessary, you are welcome to stay home the day the crew is on your property. If your job has specific details and areas that you would like taken care of, those details need to be noted with the office prior to scheduling the work so that a supervisor can oversee that your requests are fulfilled. Nevertheless, we encourage you to send photos or schedule a supervisor to walk the property with you to allow for the crew to work as efficiently as they can while at your property.

What is the average cost for a weed pulling service?

Every home is different. You can expect a base charge, depending on your bed size – just like vacuuming, no matter how much or little debris is on the floor there is still time spent to go over the entire area. There is a minimum amount of time it takes our crew to walk your property and find any weed infested areas that need attention. The more weeds they find, the more time it will take, and therefore will increase the cost of service.


You can expect to see an increase in your weed pulling costs during rainy and warm seasons and a drop off during the dry and colder temperatures, but it really depends on how many weeds are on your property at the time of services and how large your property is.

I have certain plants I don't want to be touched, what should I do?

For special requests please contact our office to make a note on your account. We have many ways we can indicate to our crews that you have certain plants you would not like our crews to touch. One of these ways includes you sending in photos that the office can attach to your job showing those specific plants. Another way is by marking the plants prior to service with a ribbon. Finally, if needed we can schedule a supervisor to walk the property beforehand so that he/she is able to communicate with the crew on the day of your scheduled service.

Can the crew pull my weeds while they are here mowing?

We have separate crews that specialize in different services that are done on different days with different tools and equipment. It is possible that you could have your weeds pulled on the day you get mowed as well, but it is not guaranteed those services will be performed on the same day. You could also sign up for one of our landscape maintenance packages, which includes routine weed pulling and mowing.

Is it a weed in my mulch bed?

The definition of a weed is any unwanted plant or flower that has grown. Our crews carry over 20 years experience and are very knowledgeable in the world of weed vs. flower/perennial.


Sometimes it can be very difficult to tell because a typically desirable plant can germinate randomly in an area that was not intentional. Some perennials can also look very much like weeds.


In situations where the crew is uncertain, they will leave that plant untouched unless told otherwise. The simplest test to determine if a plant is a weed is if the owner of the property asks him/herself is this a desirable plant in a desirable location. If the answer is no, it is considered a weed.

Can I schedule recurring weed pulling services?

Of course! We highly recommend this throughout the season, especially in the Spring, when the weeds are germinating and growing at a fast rate. Our reoccurring weed pulling services are available with any of our landscape maintenance packages.

Can I just have you do the service once?

Yes, we do offer one-time weed pulling services, however, weed seeds are always spreading throughout neighborhoods, and can sprout anytime throughout the season. Our landscape maintenance packages included a seasonal weed pulling program to take care of your weed problem the entire year.

Do you hand pull weeds or do you use chemicals?

Weeds larger than 4 inches in size are pulled out or dug out by hand. We typically use a non-selective herbicide to take care of smaller weeds which are too tedious and time-consuming to do by hand.

How long can I expect my property to remain weed free after service?

Although our crews may fully remove all of the weeds on your property, mother nature is always spreading new weed seeds which may germinate within two weeks.

Will you notify ahead of time before my service?

Some services are available for automatic email notifications to inform you when your home is on an upcoming route. Please ask our office how to sign up for service notifications.

Will your crew be sure to close my fence gate?

Yes, after your services we train our crews to walk the property and close any gate we opened during the service.

How do I pay my bill?

For your convenience, when you sign up, you will put a credit card on your account file. Any service we perform will be auto-charged to your card. You are also welcome to call or log in to your online portal to update any payment information.

Does your company pull weeds near me?

Our weed removal service areas include:

  • Crystal Lake, IL 60014
  • The village of Lakewood, IL 60014
  • Lake In The Hills, IL 60156
  • Algonquin, IL 60102
  • Huntley, IL 60142
  • Cary, IL 60013
  • Oakwood Hills, IL 60013

We're Already In Your Neighborhood!

Our Local Service Area

Local Residential Lawn Care & Snow Removal Company in McHenry County Illinois

We’re local in your neighborhood! Since 2002, thousands of residents have used Elite Lawn Care’s top-rated Weed Pulling Service.

We Provide Weed Removal Services To:

After your weed removal

Have our crews perform this one time service for your flower/mulch beds. This can include services such as, removing leaves, sticks & debris, cutting perennials & ornamental grasses, de-weeding beds, & bush trimming prior years growth.

Hard bed edging will keep your grass, soil, & mulch in places & help to protect your trees, bushes, plants & flower beds. Our crew will spade edge and dig out any unwanted grass that has begun encroaching into flower & mulch beds. 

Get a fresh new look for your flower beds by applying a layer of premium mulch. This creates a barrier that holds in moisture; this will prevent your plants from drying out & help prevent new weed seeds from coming into contact with the soil.

Discover The Best Lawn Care Services

Our team uses a 15 point checklist while on your property.

  • All large branches picked up
  • All Ornamental grasses cut back
  • All perennials cut back
  • Bushes trimmed as needed
  • Suckers cut & removed from trees
  • Roof & gutters cleaned – if requested by customer
  • Mulch beds & Flower beds blown clean of debris
  • Any sticks, leafs & debris raked from yard
  • Weeds pulled as required
  • Spade edging mulch beds 4″ depth
  • Mulch & Soil Cultivated
  • Power wash home & clean windows – if requested
  • All debris loaded in truck & removed from property.
  • Sidewalks & driveway blown clean
  • Fence Gates closed

Why Our Customers Love Us!

  • Our 100% No risk Guarantee

    We guarantee all of our lawn care and landscaping services to ensure satisfaction.

  • We Show Up When We Say​

    Once your lawn care service is scheduled, we will notify you of when you can expect to see us.​​

  • We Care About The Details​

    Have a specific landscaping request? Tell us & we will make a note on the account.​

  • We Close Your Fence Gates​​

    After service, our lawn care company ensures that your fence gates get closed.​​

  • No Contract, Cancel Anytime​​

    Don't need mowing service all season? We offer lawn mowing services without a contract. ​​

  • We Have The Highest Ratings​

    Looking for the best lawn care company in the area? Check out what your neighbors say.​​

  • We Protect Your Property​​

    We are a fully insured lawn care & landscaping company so you can have peace of mind.​

  • Our Crews Speak English​

    Our crews servicing your property speak English to assure proper communication.​​

  • We Are Licensed Specialists​​​

    Our company has licensed specialists for fertilizing and weeding services.​​

  • We Have 20+ Years Experience​​

    We are a local experienced lawn care, landscape maintenance & snow removal company.


What Your Neighbors Are Saying

We LOVE our customers, and they LOVE us. Elite Lawn Care is one of if not the highest rated lawn care and landscape service providers in Crystal Lake, Algonquin, Lake in the Hills and Huntley, Illinois.

Elite Lawn Care has been handling our lawn care (plus snow removal) for a number of years now. They're reliable and always do a great job. We've been happy to refer them to our neighbors and friends.
Julie R.
Cary, IL
The very best of Elite is the people - everyone in the office is so kind, efficient and knowledgeable. The men in the crew sent to us (twice) were polite, friendly, really, really good at what they do, and don't waste time.

Thank YOU, Elite, for being such a classy business!
Fran T.
Oakwood Hills, IL
Great lawn service! Conscientious, friendly workers. The yard looked beautiful this year, they did the grass cutting they pulled weeds and they laid mulch, and also did the shrubbery trimming. Couldn’t be happier!
Suzanne K.
Lake In The Hills, IL
We have been using Elite Lawn care for the past 5 years now and are very happy with our service. This year we upgraded to a new package that included fertilizer, weed control, etc and our lawn has never looked better! Prices are fair and they do great work!
Carol D.
Lake In The Hills, IL
More than just a lawn mowing service. Our terrace had settled badly, impinging on the house siding and creating low spots where freezing water would be a hazard. The Elite Lawn Care staff removed the terrace surface bricks and sidewalk bricks for complete re-installation, and rebuilt major portion of supporting wall to solve decade old issues.
Lyle H.
Crystal Lake, IL
As president of our association, I get all complaints and/or compliments, and in the years we have been doing business with Elite, it has been all compliments. I highly recommend Elite for both your Summer lawn care service and Winter plowing.
Chuck N. - Association President
Crystal Lake, IL