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Elite Lawn Care is a local, established Snow Removal Contractor that offers Commercial Snow Plowing, Parking lot Salting & Deicing Services for Crystal Lake, Village of Lakewood, Lake In The Hills, Cary, Algonquin, Huntley, & other areas of McHenry County IL.

Servicing more than 200 accounts locally, with over 20 pieces of specialized snow removal equipment and dozens of 24 hour on call staff,  we are always around the corner to help expedite any service that you require.

Local Residential Lawn Care & Snow Removal Company in McHenry County Illinois


Our Service Matched To Your Property Needs

Over the years, we found that the best snow removal service is matched to the needs of the property. Standard packages and standard operations don’t always fit the need, and that’s where our company is an expert. 

We understand that a restaurant wants their lot plowed just before the lunch and dinner rush hours.  We know that if you’re a warehouse, your focus might be based on keeping loading docks clear around delivery times.  Manufacturing facilities might want the lot plowed just prior to shift change, and apartment complexes need basic service so tenants can go to work onetime,  but a cleanup need to be done during the day while the cars are out of the parking lot.   

While this all seems obvious to us, a lot of snow plow providers they simply fail to recognize the unique needs of each property. 

24 hour GPS and Radio Dispatching

Our office operates like a central hub for an emergency response center.  Our managers can watch in real time GPS data on our equipment which helps us make educated decisions based on weather and a number of other factors.  

When we do need to make a change, its fast. Radio communications helps all our team stay on the same page. When you call with a concern, we are able to rapidly adjust and change to fit the situation. 


Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our clients with a service that prevents snow in your driveway from having an impact on your life. It's a service where, just prior to you leaving for work, we've already plowed your driveway. When you come home from work, we have done a second pass so that you are able to make it up the driveway, & pull into your garage. All without hassle or getting out in the cold.  

Early Morning

When it snows, we dispatch our plow trucks for an initial egress plow at 3:30am. This allows our teams to move quickly through routes & touch all driveways. Providing a few early passes allows you to get to work on time without worry.


When a storm is predicted for the area, we will send out notifications to our clients, letting them know what to expect from the storm, & what to expect from our service. Each storm is different & carefully planned out ahead of time.

Snow Storm

The night before a snow storm, our team of mechanics fuels & prepares our all of our Snow Plow Trucks before it begins snowing, so that our drivers can sleep as long as possible. We want our drivers to be alert & safe when working.

Second Passes Included

After all of our clients have been serviced for the first time, we wait... When the storm stops snowing, & the cities have started widening the roads, we start our second more detailed final clean up pass. This pass is different than the first; it's done at a slower pace. Our teams get out & shovel to ensure that your entire driveway, sidewalks & front steps have been fully cleaned. Getting out of the truck takes a little time, but it also gives the operator a chance to visually see the entire driveway & to inspect his work. This is something that is very difficult to determine from sitting in the cab of a truck.

Courtesy Next Day
Touch Ups

Our team also has employees that are scheduled to come in and work the next day following a snow storm. If you do experience some wind drifting snow, or the city came by & blocked the bottom of your driveway, all you have to do is send us an email, & we will come back at no charge the next day to clean it up again for you.

Team Of

When you sign up with us, know that we are a professional Snow & Ice Removal Service Company. This is not a second job for us, nor is it something we do to earn extra income. We are a team of professional Men & Women that know the snow industry & understand the pain points other snow contractors can bring to their customers.

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What Your Neighbors Are Saying

We LOVE our customers, and they LOVE us. Elite Lawn Care is one of if not the highest rated lawn care and landscape service providers in Crystal Lake, Algonquin, Lake in the Hills and Huntley, Illinois.

Elite Lawn Care has been handling our lawn care (plus snow removal) for a number of years now. They're reliable and always do a great job. We've been happy to refer them to our neighbors and friends.
Julie R.
Cary, IL
The very best of Elite is the people - everyone in the office is so kind, efficient and knowledgeable. The men in the crew sent to us (twice) were polite, friendly, really, really good at what they do, and don't waste time.

Thank YOU, Elite, for being such a classy business!
Fran T.
Oakwood Hills, IL
Great lawn service! Conscientious, friendly workers. The yard looked beautiful this year, they did the grass cutting they pulled weeds and they laid mulch, and also did the shrubbery trimming. Couldn’t be happier!
Suzanne K.
Lake In The Hills, IL
We have been using Elite Lawn care for the past 5 years now and are very happy with our service. This year we upgraded to a new package that included fertilizer, weed control, etc and our lawn has never looked better! Prices are fair and they do great work!
Carol D.
Lake In The Hills, IL
More than just a lawn mowing service. Our terrace had settled badly, impinging on the house siding and creating low spots where freezing water would be a hazard. The Elite Lawn Care staff removed the terrace surface bricks and sidewalk bricks for complete re-installation, and rebuilt major portion of supporting wall to solve decade old issues.
Lyle H.
Crystal Lake, IL
As president of our association, I get all complaints and/or compliments, and in the years we have been doing business with Elite, it has been all compliments. I highly recommend Elite for both your Summer lawn care service and Winter plowing.
Chuck N. - Association President
Crystal Lake, IL