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Enjoy transforming your home by having premium mulch delivered and installed at your home in only a few short hours.


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Mulch Service Our Mulch Installation Process

This year, trust McHenry County’s top-rated lawn care company, Elite Lawn Care, to keep your property looking fantastic year-round.

One of our most popular and hassle-free spring services is our Mulch Delivery & Installation Service. We offer a variety of mulch options to suit your style and budget. Most installations are completed in as little as three hours. The best part? You don’t even need to be home!

Getting started is simple. Request a quote and choose your services. With our custom service maps, our crews work quickly and efficiently, ensuring no wasted materials. You only pay for what you need.

Step 1: Choose Your Service Learn More About Mulch Installation

There’s no need to call a nursery, and schedule mulch delivery during the week, only to have them dump your mulch on your driveway and have it sit for days or weeks until you have the time to spread it.  Our trained staff will bring the mulch with us.  They quickly and cleanly install fresh dark brown premium bark mulch. 

Most homes take less than 3 hours to install, and there is no need to be home.  

If your beds need a little maintenance before the mulch is applied, be sure to ask us about adding a bed clean up before your installation. Call us today to set up your mulch services.

Step 2: Select Mulch Type Choose Your Favorite Mulch Type

Blend Mulch

$ 282 Prices Start At
  • Our Preferred Blend Mulch is a mix of double and triple shredded hardwood bark mulch, that is dark cocoa in color. It provides a happy medium to price and quality. It also contains no dye, which ensures no staining.
Bark Mulch Delivery & Installation

Bark Mulch

$ 303 Prices Start At
  • Our premium mulch is a triple shredded hardwood bark mulch, that is dark cocoa in color. Not only does this mulch look incredible, but it also contains no dye (which ensures no stains are left on your driveway or downspouts).

Hardwood Mulch

$ 334 Prices Start At
  • Our red hardwood mulch is a double processed color enhanced product that will add vibrancy to your landscaping. Not only does this mulch make your landscape stand out, it will also retain moisture and help prevent weeds naturally.

Step 3: Avoid Confusion With Estimate Maps Get Your Detailed Quote

At Elite Lawn Care we want to ensure your quote is accurate for our Mulch & Bed Edging Services. Included with your estimate you will find a custom service map for your property detailing coverage & service areas.

EstimatePDF (2)_Page_1

Sep 4: Schedule Your Service Get Your Services Scheduled

Once you’ve reached out to our team regarding the services you are interested in signing up for, you will receive an email with a link to view and accept your estimate online.

Easily Accept Estimates Online!

If you still have questions about your estimate after reviewing it, feel free to give our office a call, and our staff will be happy to assist you with any questions you might have. 

Start Your Quote Today! Getting Started

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Keep Your Little Ones Protected This Season Ask Us About Playground Mulch

Do you have a kids playground? We also offer safety playground mulch delivery.

Certified Playground Mulch, when applied to proper depth of 6″ or more provides a cushion, and reduces impacts and injuries when children fall. This mulch is specially chipped with rounded edges to help reduce the risk of splinters.

Before Your Service: Preparing Your Beds For Mulch

Have our crews perform this one time service for your flower/mulch beds. This can include service such as, removing leaves, sticks & other debris, cutting perennials & ornamental grasses, de-weeding beds, and bush trimming for prior years growth.

Don’t let those pesky weeds take over your lawn & landscaping. Whether you need weed pulling services or weed control spray to remove weeds from your mulch beds, we’ve got you covered. Ask us to have our crew perform this service before your mulch is applied.

Hard bed edging will keep your grass, soil, & mulch in places and help to protect your trees, bushes, plants & flower beds. Learn more about how our crews will spade edge and dig out any unwanted grass that has begun encroaching into your flower & mulch beds. 

FAQ Ask Us Anything!

The biggest difference between Playground Mulch and Regular Mulch, is that certified playground mulch is chipped or shredded differently to allow for a more rounded shape and reducing sharper jagged pieces.  The round shape allows air pockets to sit in between the layers, and when the mulch is installed at thicknesses greater than 6″ , the area can feel like has a little bounce to it.  This can reduce the likelihood of injury if a child falls.
Other differences include, a lighter color compared to premium mulch, and normally the mulch can be rinsed to reduce dirt, so the kids stay cleaner as they play.  Playground mulch does have some downfalls, such as, it can cost more than regular mulch, it will allow more weeds to grow due to the air pockets, and major rain or water flow can move the mulch around. 
Regular racking is recommended to maintain an even surface.

Adding a 2.5″ layer of mulch covers about 130 square feet.

This depends on the size of the Mulch bag.  A cubic yard of mulch is 27 cubic feet.    Common sizes are:

  • ¾ cubic foot = 36 bags
  • 1.5 cubic foot bags = 18 Bags
  • 2 cubic foot bags = 13.5 bags

The answer to this depends on 4 things.

  1. How fare the mulch bed locations are from the pile or material.
  2. The complexity of the landscape.
  3. The tools involved, specifically the size of the wheel barrow. 
  4. The effort of the person doing the work. For the average homeowner, under average conditions, plan 2 hours for every cubic yard of mulch.

The size of the home and size of the landscape beds determines how much mulch is needed. The average cost for material, labor and delivery is around $500 OR starting price of $282.

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