Elite Lawn Care offers the perfect Lawn Care & Landscape Maintenance Plans to keep your property well maintained throughout the lawn care season.

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Our plans range from the basics of Mowing & Weed Pulling, to complete seasonal programs, such as our Fertilization & Weed control Package, which are designed to keep your lawn neat & improve your turfs overall health.

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Whether you are looking to keep up with basic yard maintenance with our Property Basics service or you want the full landscaping experience with our Exclusive VIP service, we have the lawn maintenance plan that meets all of your lawn care expectations.

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Turf Basics Plan

Our Turf Basics plan is great for those busybodies who need help around the yard. This bundle provides routine top-quality mowing, paired with weed control services and lawn fertilization treatments. This is the perfect plan for your basic lawn maintenance needs.

Property Basics Plan

Our Property Basics Plan ensures your property looks occupied by maintaining the lawn care essentials at your home. This maintenance plan includes Weekly Lawn Mowing, Weed Pulling in the mulch beds, & applying a Pre-Emergent to help control those pesky weeds in your mulch beds.  

Preferred Plus Plan

Our Preferred Plus Plan includes services to keep your lawn & landscape looking maintained throughout the season.  In addition to Lawn Mowing & Weed Pulling, seasonally timed services such as Spring Clean Up, Fall Leaf Removal, Fall Clean Ups & Bush trimming, are included to keep your property neat, clean, & party ready all season long. Skip the hassle of scheduling services individually.  

Exclusive VIP Plan

Want the full lawn maintenance experience? Our Exclusive VIP Plan is designed not only to maintain your lawn & landscape, but also make it the greenest lawn on the block. 
This plan includes everything in the Preferred Plan, as well as Core Aeration, Ornamental Fertilizer Applications & our Premium Fertilization & Weed Program. Your property will receive attention by our VIP maintenance team & checkups from our fertilization specialists, along with a monthly manager site visit to ensure your property is kept, clean & thriving. 

Keep your lawn neat, promote healthy grass, & improve ornamental turf health with this complete lawn maintenance package.

Pay As You Go Service

The following services are offered individually. Prices will vary depending upon the chosen service/s. Call our office for more information on Pay As You Go Services. 

Choose Your Lawn Care & Landscape Plan

Property Basics

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Weed Pulling
  • Bed Pre-Emergent

Preferred Plus

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Weed Pulling
  • Bed Pre-Emergent
  • Spring Clean Up
  • Spring Bush Trimming
  • Cultivation
  • Summer Bush Trimming
  • Fall Leaf Pick Up
  • Final Fall Clean Up
Most Popular

Exclusive VIP

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Weed Pulling
  • Bed Pre-Emergent
  • Spring Clean Up
  • Spring Bush Trimming
  • Cultivation
  • Summer Bush Trimming
  • Fall Leaf Pick Up
  • Final Fall Clean Up
  • Core Aeration
  • Fertilization & Weed Program
  • Spring Tree & Shrub Fertilizer
  • Fall Tree & Shrub Fertilizer
  • Crab Grass Pre-Emergent
  • Grub Prevention

We treat your lawn as if it was our own.  We are a team of professional men & women that know the lawn care & landscape industry & also understand the frustration that landscape contractors can bring to their customers.

The products that we choose to use are top of the line. While many companies apply a product that greens up the lawn quickly, that green typically doesn’t last long, and it might even cause surge growth which makes lawn mowing difficult. Our fertilizers contain slow-release nitrogen that gets used over an extended time, rather than all at once. If you’re looking to get rid of crabgrass or nutsedge, our technicians use the best weed killer products available to commercial businesses.

Have you ever had a lawn fertilization company apply a product when it was too hot or too dry, and burn your lawn? Besides using some of the very best products on the market, we time the applications to your lawns conditions and current weather. 

Most companies mix a single tank that has both grass fertilizer and weed control. This keeps their operations simple for spreading fertilizer, however, that also means that they are treating your entire lawn with weed killer, rather than just spraying the weeds themselves. On the other hand, our products are kept separate, so that we only apply products in small areas or directly targeting the weeds themselves. 

Most importantly, because we are able to use targeted weed control during the Summer and Fall, we are able to reduce the amount of weed control applied to your lawn by up to 90%. 

We send notifications so that you know ahead of time that products are scheduled to be applied to your lawn.

Our lawn fertilization & weed spraying treatment program gives you the option of making a single one time payment for the entire season or by auto charging an installment on the same date each month. This gives our customers a very predictable payment amount on the same date each month regardless of what products get applied. 

We have an outstanding Customer Support Team, available Monday – Saturday. You can reach us by phone at 815.880.7333 or by email at [email protected].

Once you’ve let go of the yard work, you will find peace of mind knowing our professionals are continually servicing, inspecting, and caring for your property. 

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