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Elite Lawn Care offers the perfect Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control service to keep your grass green & weed free all season.

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Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

If your grass is looking less than spectacular it may be deprived of vital nutrients, have compacted soil or it could be caused by grubs & other insects. In order to keep your grass full and thriving we recommend a lawn fertilization & weed control lawn treatment program that includes core aeration and grub control as a standard.

Our all inclusive turf health program unlike any other local landscaping companies.  With our Premium package we include premium slow-release Fertilizer & Weed Control applications, as well as Core Aeration, Grub Preventative and Post Treatment of grassy weeds like nutsedge & crabgrass. Our premium lawn treatments will keep your lawn looking like a golf course.

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Enhanced Turf
Health Package

Our Enhanced Turf Health Package is designed to give your grass the necessary basics to feed & fertilize your lawn and keep it weed free all season long.
  • 6 Fertilization Apps
  • 2 Broad Leaf Weed Control Apps
  • Crabgrass Pre-Emergent

Premium Turf
Health Package

Our Premium Turf Health Program has multiple steps to control your weeds, green your lawn, help prevent grubs, as well as core aeration to relieve compacted soil.
  • 6 Premium Fertilization Apps
  • 2 Broad Leaf Weed Control Apps
  • Crabgrass Pre-Emergent
  • Crabbgrass Post-Emergent
  • Spot Treating Grassy Weeds
  • Fall Core Aeration
  • Grub Prevention
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Our Premium Lawn Fertilization & Weed Spraying Process

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We’re local in your neighborhood! Since 2002, thousands of residents have used Elite Lawn Care’s top-rated Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Service.

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We treat your lawn as if it was our own.  We are a team of professional men & women that know the lawn care & landscape industry & also understand the frustration that landscape contractors can bring to their customers.

The products that we choose to use are top of the line. While many companies apply a product that greens up the lawn quickly, that green typically doesn’t last long, and it might even cause surge growth which makes lawn mowing difficult. Our fertilizers contain slow-release nitrogen that gets used over an extended time, rather than all at once. If you’re looking to get rid of crabgrass or nutsedge, our technicians use the best weed killer products available to commercial businesses.

Have you ever had a lawn fertilization company apply a product when it was too hot or too dry, and burn your lawn? Besides using some of the very best products on the market, we time the applications to your lawns conditions and current weather. 

Most companies mix a single tank that has both grass fertilizer and weed control. This keeps their operations simple for spreading fertilizer, however, that also means that they are treating your entire lawn with weed killer, rather than just spraying the weeds themselves. On the other hand, our products are kept separate, so that we only apply products in small areas or directly targeting the weeds themselves. 

Most importantly, because we are able to use targeted weed control during the Summer and Fall, we are able to reduce the amount of weed control applied to your lawn by up to 90%. 

We send notifications so that you know ahead of time that products are scheduled to be applied to your lawn.

Our lawn fertilization & weed spraying treatment program gives you the option of making a single one time payment for the entire season or by auto charging an installment on the same date each month. This gives our customers a very predictable payment amount on the same date each month regardless of what products get applied. 

We have an outstanding Customer Support Team, available Monday – Saturday. You can reach us by phone at 815.880.7333 or by email at [email protected].

Once you’ve let go of the yard work, you will find peace of mind knowing our professionals are continually servicing, inspecting, and caring for your property. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

Our turf health program starts mid March and goes through October.

We are unique with our turf health program.  We have continual steps that go throughout the season.  This is an alternative to weed control and fertilizer applications, whereas other companies tend to mix the two products together.  By separating the products we are able to control the effectiveness of our products.  This program is designed to make the grass greener and weed free.

No, we do not offer just one or the other.  If we perform a weed treatment for you in March, in July you may have new weeds that have grown.  This is because weeds sprout at different times of the year.  The weeds you see in your lawn this year is a result of any weeds in your lawn last year that had seeded.

We have designed our program so that we are out at your property about once a month.  This is good for you because we are able to keep a closer eye on your property, whereas companies with a 5 step treatment for example will only be out every 6-7 weeks and new weeds may have flowered and spread by that point.

Most of our fertilizers are granular.

LIQUID FERTILIZERThis is safe immediately, however, it can stain your shoes, so we recommend that you wait until the product has dried.

GRANULAR FERTILIZERThis is safe to go on the grass and let pets or kids out right away.

WEED CONTROLThis requires staying off the grass until the product is dry, a minimum of 3 hours.  Dogs can be let out to do their business but bring them in right away.  If the dog is a grass eater, we recommend putting them on a leash so that you can keep an eye on them.  If you wait 24 hours, you can water the lawn and wait for it to dry and then you will be ok.

This varies; you will start to see the results of our fertilizer within 10 days after watering or after your first rainstorm.  After weed control applications you should expect to see results in 3-7 days, the hotter (80 degrees) it is the quicker it will happen, the colder (below 60 degrees) it is it will take longer.

When Spring comes around next year you will really notice the results of our applications from this year.

This depends on your lawn.  The 1st application is typically the whole lawn unless the area is isolated.  Once your lawn is established we are able to just spray where the weeds are there.  As we see your lawn improve, you will see your weeds naturally decrease, this is because as your grass gets thicker, it will start to choke out the weeds so that they cannot grow.  Then we will spot spray, and then we will apply only products to improve your lawn such as fertilizer or seaweed extract.  The seaweed extract helps out during droughts, it will hold moisture in the soil, help build micronutrients and help condition and bring the soil alive.

You are welcome to cancel at any point, however, we cannot guarantee that your lawn will be weed free and green if you don’t complete all the steps.

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