Learn How To: Identify Difficult Broadleaf Lawn Weeds - Quackgrass

Identify Difficult Broadleaf Lawn Weeds

Do you have a stubborn weed in your lawn? Learn how to identify difficult broadleaf lawn weeds that could be invading your yard in Illinois.

Crabgrass Lawn Weed - Broadleaf Weeds

Crabgrass Weeds Identify Crabgrass Weeds

What Does Crabgrass Look Like:

Crabgrass leaves are broader & the roots grow relatively shallow, so they are easier to uproot.   Typically crabgrass sprouts later in the season because it is a warm-season grass.โ˜€๏ธโ€จ

โœ… Pro Tip: Crabgrass likes growing in acidic soil; by adding lime to your soil, you will reduce the acidity of your lawn, making it harder for crabgrass weeds to grow. 

Learn How To: Identify Difficult Broadleaf Lawn Weeds - Quackgrass

Quackgrass Weeds Identify Quackgrass Lawn Weeds

What Does Quackgrass Look Like:

Quackgrass will appear in early Spring with leaves that are more narrow & have auricles (finger-like projections that hook around the stem). 

โ€จTheir roots are rhizomes making them grow horizontally throughout the lawn.

โ“Did You Know: Quackgrass and Crabgrass are often confused. Proper identification of yard weeds is necessary for treatments to work correctly.

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Treat & Identify Creeping Charlie - A Broadleaf Lawn Weed

Creeping Charlie Weeds Identify Creeping Charlie in Your Lawn

What Does Creeping Charlie Look Like:

Creeping Charlie is identifiable by its low growing vines and mat-like ground cover. 

The leaves have scalloped edges and are bright green, and the flowers are a bluish-purple.

๐Ÿ” Fun Fact: Creeping Charlie can smell minty when freshly cut with a mower.

Nutsedge Weed Identify Nutsedge In Your Lawn

What Does Nutsedge Look Like:

Nutsedge appears in the summer and is easily distinguishable as it grows faster & taller than the grass in the lawn.

When Nutsedge is left growing, yellow flowers will sprout from the weed.

โœ… Pro Tip: Do not pull Nutsedge from your lawn, as any roots left in the soil can cause new weeds to sprout and grow.


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