Everything You Need To Know AboutLiquid Lawn Fertilization

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As a professional lawn care company in Illinois, Elite Lawn Care has an obligation to keep our clients informed and educated on the best ways to fertilize their lawns. Liquid lawn fertilization is one of those methods that has become increasingly popular over the years due to its numerous benefits and ease of application. If your lawn is struggling with the cold, unpredictable Illinois weather and you need to see results fast, keep reading!

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What Is Liquid Lawn Fertilization?

When we talk about liquid lawn fertilization, we are referring to one specific method of fertilizing a lawn that involves spraying a liquid solution to your grass to improve its overall health and appearance. We specify “liquid” because there are other types and methods of fertilization available, but liquid lawn fertilization is a better option in some cases, and we want to make sure you know which fertilizer meets the needs of your lawn! If you are a lawn care novice, you may not even be familiar with liquid fertilizers, as granular options are typically what you see in the big-box stores. So, let’s take a closer look at the 3 main types of liquid fertilizer available to you.

Types Of Liquid Fertilizer

  • Liquid – This type of fertilizer, which is pre-mixed and immediately ready to use, is the simplest and most effective option for beginners. Pre-mixed liquid fertilizers are already blended with water when you purchase it, and they often come in convenient hose-end sprayers. All you have to do is attach it to your garden hose and turn on the water, without having to do any diluting or mixing yourself!
  • Powder – Also known as water-soluble fertilizers, this option entails mixing water with a powdery concoction packed with nutrients and minerals, which you purchase in powder form. Gardeners are more likely to use this option than lawn care enthusiasts, as powder fertilizers usually come in very small packages that can’t cover an entire lawn.
  • Concentrate – While this option is the most effective for lawn care, it is best left to the pros! Liquid concentrate fertilizers come in the form of a highly concentrated solution with all the nutrients your lawn needs. This option allows the most freedom in picking out and tailoring an NPK ratio to the specific needs of your lawn. However, these highly concentrated solutions MUST be mixed thoroughly with water, or you risk destroying the grass you are trying to help!
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What’s In Liquid Fertilizers?

If you have followed any of our other blog posts about lawn fertilization, you likely know all about the NPK ratio, but we are going to go over it again because it is that important! Liquid fertilizers are made up of a blend of minerals and other essential ingredients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus (NPK), that work together to give lawns the best chance at growth. The NPK ratio denotes the levels of each macronutrient that are present in the fertilizer. For example, a 10-10-5 fertilizer would contain 10% Nitrogen, 10% Phosphorus, and 5% Potassium.

  • Nitrogen – Promotes quick, green growth for a lush lawn. Most important ingredient for grass growth, but must be monitored to avoid fertilizer-burn.
  • Phosphorus – Promotes healthy root development, especially in early spring. Essential for nutrient intake and strong grass blades.
  • Potassium – Promotes resistance against drought, disease, cold, and more. Great for combating harmful fungi and preparing for winter.

While these 3 macronutrients are the most important ingredients, liquid fertilizers also include a variety of micronutrients (iron, magnesium, zinc, etc.) to help boost the health of your lawn even more! Liquid fertilizers may also contain beneficial microorganisms that help break down organic matter and provide food for grass, resulting in healthier soil for your lawn.

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Benefits Of Liquid Lawn Fertilization

There are many reasons to choose a liquid lawn fertilizer over other types of fertilizers. The list below contains some of the most important benefits your lawn can receive only through liquid lawn fertilization. Though other options come with their own set of benefits, liquid fertilizers have unique abilities that can not be duplicated in other forms. Check out this post from Elite Lawn Care for more information on the pros and cons of liquid fertilizer.

  • Quick Results – Liquid fertilizers are quickly absorbed by the soil and taken up by the grass roots. This is the main appeal of liquid fertilizers, as other forms are of a slow-release nature and must be watered into your lawn for them to work, which will take a bit longer.
  • Easy To Apply – Many options are conveniently available in ready-to-use forms, and they can be applied quickly and efficiently with a hose-end sprayer. The simplest forms can be as easy to use as turning on the water!
  • Covers More Ground – Using a liquid fertilizer will allow you to cover more ground than other types of fertilizers. As the solution is applied, it seeps into and spreads across your soil, meaning it goes to work in places where you can not reach or even see!
  • Consistent Nutritional Content – All liquid fertilizers have highly consistent and reliable nutritional content in each drop of liquid. Your lawn will always receive the same balance of nutrients with every application, creating a desirable uniform appearance.
  • No Clean-Up – Liquid fertilizers are easy to apply and do not require any clean-up afterwards from paved areas. Anything you accidentally spray onto your sidewalk or driveway will simply evaporate in the sunlight and will not harm the pavement.

Easy To Tailor – Some lawns need more potassium or nitrogen than others, depending on the condition of the grass and soil. Liquid fertilizers can easily be tailored to whatever specifications will help improve the health of your lawn!

When & How To Apply Liquid Fertilizer

The question of when to apply liquid fertilizer to your lawn really comes down to the state of your grass. As a general rule, fertilizers should be used on a lawn whenever it begins to look dull or grass blades are beginning to yellow, or if grass is just generally struggling to grow. Because of the fast-acting nature of liquid fertilizers, they should always be used when you have a brand new lawn that is trying to grow for the first time, or if your lawn is on the verge of dying and needs nutrients immediately.

Elite Lawn Care suggests using a hose-end sprayer with your liquid fertilizer of choice. Start at one end of your lawn, and work your way around in an even pattern, being sure to get all edges, corners, and any shaded areas that need some extra help. Walk at a steady pace to ensure even coverage, which will help prevent patchy areas. Or, if you want to receive truly elite lawn fertilization, give our team a call and we will take care of all your liquid lawn fertilization needs in Illinois!


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