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Why Premium Mulch Matters

The benefits of installing mulch in your yard are much more comprehensive than just what meets the eye. While it is true that mulch provides a unique and beautiful aesthetic appeal to your property, installing a high-quality mulch can also greatly improve the health and longevity of everything green that grows in your yard! 

At Elite Lawn Care, we focus on using bark mulch because it provides the most benefits to your soil. In particular, our premium bark mulch option is made to improve the curb appeal of your home, but, more importantly, it also enriches and protects your soil from any harmful environmental factors. Unlike cheaper mulch options, as our natural premium mulch decomposes, it will keep your yard hydrated, nourished, protected from the elements, protected from weeds, and a number of other benefits. 

Benefits Of Our Premium Bark Mulch

Premium Dark Mulch

The specialists at Elite Lawn Care only use natural bark mulches because they provide the best protection and enhancement for your soil and the plants growing out of it. Our most popular mulch is our dark cocoa mulch, which we refer to as our “premium mulch.” Below are some of the benefits you and your yard can expect to receive from our premium mulch. 

Natural Color & Texture

Our premium mulch is a triple-shredded option that has a natural color of dark cocoa. Natural color means no artificial dyes that could potentially stain your property and even damage your plants. Premium mulch also has the natural appearance of soil, as the triple-shredding process grinds the hardwood chips up for a thick coating of mulch that will bind together.

Weed Prevention

Installing mulch is an underutilized method of preventing weeds, but it is actually one of the best natural weed control strategies you can apply. Our premium mulch is shredded to a perfect texture that will interlock and create a thick layer of protection that will suffocate any weeds trying to emerge. This mulch helps block sunlight from weeds, prevents weeds from sprouting, and provides a strong protective barrier to prevent weed seedlings from blowing into your yard and attempting to germinate in your soil. An additional weed control benefit of our premium mulch is that the aging and sterilizing process it goes through will help kill any weed seeds that may be present in the product, as is common in lower-quality mulches. 

Moisture Retention

Keeping soil properly hydrated is of the utmost importance if you want to see your plants thrive, and our premium mulch will go a long way in making sure water does not evaporate too quickly. The dense consistency of our premium bark mulch allows it to absorb moisture from rainfall and scheduled waterings, and that moisture will be distributed evenly and slowly throughout your gardens and flowerbeds. Our thick premium mulch also helps prevent soil crusting, which occurs when water splashes onto soil and disperses clay particles that harden to form a detrimental crust.  


A great benefit of natural bark mulch is how well it insulates the soil it covers. Our premium mulch provides the best protection from the elements, much more so than any inorganic type or even other organic mulches. The thick, binding layer of mulch you get with our premium option will help insulate your soil in the colder fall and winter months, and it will also keep soil cool in summer by gradually releasing retained moisture and blocking out excess sunlight.

Erosion Protection

Persistent rain, wind, and muddy runoff will cause your soil to erode without a sturdy mulch in place. Our premium mulch is designed to hold its shape and provide full coverage when it is met with any harmful weather. Gardens and flowerbeds should be edged, contained, and looking neat when mulch is applied, but low-quality mulches can easily blow away or get washed away in a storm, leaving your soil and plants unprotected. The premium mulch we install will protect your soil from harmful weather conditions that could lead to erosion. 

Curb Appeal

After installing our premium mulch, the first thing you are sure to notice is how great it looks! Even if you have the lushest lawn and healthiest plants on the block, your property will still benefit from our great-looking mulch! Our premium bark mulch has a rich, dark cocoa color that is just unique enough to turn heads while still maintaining a natural appearance around your gardens, flowerbeds, tree rings, and shrubbery. 

Other Popular Mulch Types

When it comes to selecting the right mulch for your yard, there are several options to choose from that all have unique features. Some people prefer inorganic mulch in order to give their property a very specific and unique appearance. Types of inorganic mulch include plastic pellets, fabrics, stones, gravel, rubber nuggets, and other materials that are not easily (or at all) biodegradable. While these types of mulch options will certainly provide your yard with a one-of-a-kind appearance, any potential health benefits they may offer can not compare to the benefits of an organic mulch!

Volcanic Rock As An Inorganic Mulch

Organic mulch can come in a wide variety of options, and all of those options can potentially improve the health of your lawn and plants. An organic mulch is any material used for mulching that is easily biodegradable and originates from natural, living matter. Straw, shredded leaves, pine needles, grass clippings, and more can all be used as organic mulch that can help enrich and protect the soil in your yard. Unfortunately, these mulch types often have difficulties providing the full coverage/protection your yard needs, and many people find the appearance of these materials to be unappealing for a residential yard.

Organic Mulch

If certain other mulch types have failed you for any reason, Elite Lawn Care is here to help! We deliver and install top-quality bark mulch that has proven to be the best choice for our customers, year after year. Not only does bark mulch look great among the trees and plants of a residential property, the health benefits bark mulch provides to your yard are unrivaled. Keep reading to find out how your garden, flowerbeds, and every other area of your yard can benefit from Elite Lawn Care’s premium mulch!

Our Other Bark Mulches

Aside from our premium mulch, we also offer two other types of bark mulches to suit your personal preferences and the particular needs of your yard. Though these options will not provide the same benefits as our premium mulch, they are still sure to look great around your property, and they typically require lower initial costs. However, these types of mulches are known to be blown or washed away more easily than our premium mulch, which may lead to you having to replenish them more often.  

Red mulch and lighter mulch

Econo Mulch

This option is a bark mulch that is derived from a blend of hardwood bark and other natural tree material. Unlike our premium mulch, econo mulch is not shredded, but it is double processed to create slightly larger, more solid-looking pieces. These mulch pieces are a light brown color and will look great in your yard. While the larger size and smooth texture does not provide the same protection as our premium option, econo mulch can provide some nutritional benefits to your yard at a cheaper cost. 

Red Mulch

Our red mulch option is perfect for those who want to create a unique-looking landscape. This mulch also goes through double processing to create larger wood pieces, and those pieces are then dyed to create an attractive red color. Some people wish to avoid mulches that use chemicals or dyes, but our red mulch is the perfect option for those who want to create visually stunning landscapes that stand out from the rest.

Elite Lawn Care Mulch Services

If you believe our mulch may be what your yard needs, don’t hesitate to call us and inquire about our mulch delivery and installation services! In most cases, we can have your new bark mulch installed within a few hours, and you can have peace of mind knowing that you are giving your soil the best protection available. Once installed, we will consult with you about how often/frequently you should change and replenish your mulch, and we will be happy to assist you with any other questions you may have. Call Elite Lawn Care today for premium mulch services in Illinois!


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Premium Dark Mulch

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