Mowing an overgrown lawn in the sunlight

Proper Lawn Mowing Techniques And Practices

Nothing can put a damper on your summer plans for your yard like an out of control lawn can. Aside from the sheer ugliness and unpleasant feel of an overgrown lawn, grass that grows too wildly can quickly lead to a number of various health and safety hazards. Lawns that are not properly cared for can quickly become host to weeds, pest infestations, fungal diseases, and more. It may sound too simple and easy to be true, but proper lawn mowing practices alone can help prevent all of these harmful situations from ever developing.

Best Mowing Strategies And Methods

From how often your lawn gets mowed to the cleanliness of the mower blades, the quality of a lawn mowing job is determined by the practices and techniques used to get the job done. At Elite Lawn Care, we take pride in the results of the services we provide, which means we are always mindful of how we mow. See below for a few key lawn mowing practices that should always be kept in mind when cutting the grass. 


Typically, mowing is not needed or recommended too early or too late in the growing season. You will likely see noticeable grass growth beginning in early to mid spring, and regular mowings will be needed throughout summer and into fall. It is also important to make sure your lawn is dry before mowing it, which means allowing enough time to pass after waterings or rainfall.

How Often

Mowing your lawn on a weekly schedule should always be the plan, which is why Elite Lawn Care offers the most reliable weekly mowing service in Crystal Lake and the surrounding areas! Mowing every single week is the best way to maintain a healthy lawn that grows at a uniform rate and stays at a healthy height.

How High

A good rule of thumb is to cut only ⅓ of the length of the grass blades, which should create grass between 2 ½ – 3 ½ inches tall. This is the optimal height range for your lawn because it still allows adequate nutrients to be absorbed by the grass, which will result in stronger and greener turf growing back in your lawn after every mowing.


Switching the direction of the mower during each new session can greatly improve the health and appearance of your turf. Lawns that are only mowed in one direction will eventually begin to “lean” towards that direction. Alternated mowing directions allow your grass to grow upright, which will promote stronger roots and healthier lawns that look great.


Professional-looking mowing patterns are always easy to identify by their crisp lines and tidy designs, but there is also a health benefit to creating those patterns. Mowing the same pattern over and over in a lawn can lead to excess stress from the mower wheels and foot traffic. Alternated patterns help reduce thatch buildup and compaction of your lawn’s soil. 

Mulch Mowing

Some people always seem to prefer bagging grass clippings as they mow, but leaving healthy-sized clippings on your lawn will actually help your grass grow! Grass clippings contain the same nutrients as fertilizers, which means that you can help fertilize your lawn for free every time you mow by simply leaving the grass trimmings wherever they fall!

Blowing Clippings

Leaving grass trimmings all over your driveway, patio, or other hard surfaces looks unprofessional, and it is also a waste of natural resources. To get the most out of your mowing job, grass clippings should be blown back onto your lawn where they can be reabsorbed by the soil and help create a lusher, greener lawn.

Blade Maintenance

Elite Lawn Care specialists clean their mower blades every single day and sharpen them as often as needed. A clean blade will greatly reduce the possibility of spreading any kind of fungal lawn disease, and keeping the blade sharp is the best way to ensure a clean cut; cutting grass neatly and cleanly allows the grass blades to become stronger after each cut.

Mowing And Trimming Equipment

Using the right equipment for each mowing job is just as important as implementing proper mowing techniques. Each yard and lawn is unique, and analyzing the landscape before mowing begins is the best way to determine what tools are needed for the job. Yards with many obstacles and landscape features may benefit from line trimming in addition to mowing, while yards with wide open lawns may only need the attention of a riding mower. The specialists at Elite Lawn Care always use the right tools for each area of your yard in order to give you a lawn mowing job that looks both professional and complete.

RIding Lawn Mower

Riding Mowers

Mowing an overgrown lawn in the sunlight

Walk-behind Mowers

Elite Lawn Care team Trimming A Lawn in Illinois


Elite Lawn Care Team Edging A Lawn


Every lawn deserves professional-looking finishing touches before a mowing job is complete. Utilizing steel-blade edgers creates crisp lines along walkways, hard surfaces, and garden beds. The results you see after using an edger to finish a job are both cosmetic and functional; edging along garden beds creates a barrier that prevents unwanted grass roots from spreading to the soil inside garden beds or tree rings. Edgers will help keep grass growth contained to only the areas where grass is desired.  

The Benefits Of Professional Mowing Services

The ways your lawn can be improved by proper mowing practices are truly too numerous to mention them all. If you want to impress your friends and neighbors, neat mowing patterns can help. If you want to help your grass become greener, mulch mowing and weekly scheduling can improve weed and drought tolerance, among other things. Make sure to call Elite Lawn Care for information on how our weekly mowing service can help your lawn in all of the following ways: 

  • Better Curb Appeal
  • Less Hazardous Clutter
  • Greener Grass
  • Stronger Roots
  • Fuller Lawn
  • Increased Drought Tolerance
  • Resistance To Pests
  • Resistance To Disease
  • Proper Nutritional Intake
  • Fertilization Via Grass Clippings
  • Resistance To Weeds
  • Clean Edging And Trimming
  • Professional Finishing Touches


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