Outdoor Lighting Safety Tips

Outdoor Lighting Safety Tips

Outdoor Lighting Safety Tips:

1.All extension cords and decorations that are electrical must be labeled for outdoor use.

2. Make sure the amps of electrical products match the amp rating of your extension cords.

3. Be sure to inspect all extension cords, lights, and decorations for damage before installation.

4. Before replacing bulbs or fuses, make sure they are not plugged in.

5. Too many decorations and electrical devices plugged into an outlet can cause can cause overheating and risk of a fire.

6. Make sure that cords are not stuck in any heavy materials or that they aren’t mounted in the correct way. The cord’s insulation could end up damaged.

7. Make sure the extension cords and light strings are kept away from snow and water that is standing.

8. Attach outdoor lights securely to stable supports to ensure they will not get wind damage, but make sure when you attach the lights that you keep damage from happening to the the cord’s insulation.

9. Well ventilated spotlights must be kept away from anything flammable and installed to protect them them from weather.
Inspect ladders for any loose parts before you use them.

10. Be sure to use a wooden or fiberglass ladder, as metal ladders conduct electricity. Be sure someone is holding the ladder for you to prevent any tipping, causing a fall, and all ladders should reach at least three feet above the roof.

11. Be careful when decorating near power lines. You should keep yourself and decorations at least 10 feet from power lines.
It is best to turn off all decorations and lights before leaving the home, or going to sleep.

More information can be found at www.esfi.org

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