7 Things We All Hate About Snow Shoveling

Let’s be honest for a moment here… snow is pretty, but we all hate the hassle of shoveling & removing it from our driveways & sidewalks. Dealing with Snow in the Winter is not only cold, time-consuming, and challenging work, but you could risk illness or injury.  

A simple solution to this is to hire a professional who can deal with snow removal quickly to ensure you stay warm, safe & healthy this Winter Season.

1. Shoveling Time + Slow Morning Traffic = Late To Work

Shoveling snow can take a long time. This isn’t always a problem unless you find yourself waking up early in the morning for work only to find 4 inches of snow covering your driveway, and you need to leave in 45 minutes. Not only will it take time to shovel the snow, but you will also have the added delay of slower traffic in the morning due to road conditions. The added time of shoveling plus any traffic delays could ultimately lead you to be late to work and upsetting your boss.

2. Cold, Wet, & Windy Weather

Doesn’t it seem like every time it snows, and you are outside shoveling, it’s freezing, and the wind is blowing the wet snow into your face? Staying in these cold, wet conditions too long can increase your chances of getting frostbitten or sick. During the winter months, lung illnesses like pneumonia & bronchitis can also be more common. The last thing anyone wants is a visit to the doctor or hospital from snow shoveling.

3. Layering Up Only To Still Be Cold

No matter how many layers of socks I wear, I never seem to stay warm shoveling snow. And trying to keep my fingers warm & my toes dry seems nearly impossible, no matter how “waterproof” the boots claim to be. This is the fastest way to end up feeling sick.

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4. Injuries

Of course, no one likes getting injured, but did you know that there are approximately 11,500 emergency room visits a year due to shoveling injuries? Snow shoveling injuries aren’t just related to broken bones, muscle sprains, or frostbite. Injuries can also be cardiac-related, and if you are over 55 years old, the risk of experiencing cardiac-related symptoms when shoveling increases is four times greater. Men are also twice as likely as women to have cardiac-related symptoms.

5. Back Breaking Work

Shoveling snow can be hard labor, especially if the snow holds a lot of moisture. Over-extended muscles are one of the most common snow injuries people experience. One way to prevent torn or overextended muscles is to push snow rather than lift it. Another way is to hire our professionals to do the hard work for you. 😁

6. Heavy Wet Snow

Warmer temperatures at the beginning and end of the season can cause snow to partially melt before reaching the ground. When temperatures are warmer, the water percentage within snow increases, making for heavier wet snowfall. It is essential to take breaks when shoveling this heavier wet snow.

7. Touch Ups

Finally, you’ve finished the hard work of shoveling, you go inside, have a glass of hot chocolate & relax. You later look outside to find that the wind has drifted snow back all over the driveway, porch, & sidewalks. 

If you are looking for a more simple solution to residential snow shoveling & snow plowing services, call today & get a quote for our unlimited snow removal service at a fixed monthly cost.


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