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Your Most frequent Questions, Answered.

How much does overseeding cost?

Our overseeding price starts at $125, but of course, pricing is based on the estimated amount of time that will take our team to complete your job. Things that will affect the estimated amount of time include property size, property layout, current landscaping condition, the complexity of the landscaping, and your requested scope of work. Give our office a call for your instant overseeding quote!

What type of seed do you use?

We have multiple seed types to choose from based on the conditions of your lawn and your goals. Some seed types are better for shady conditions while others will thrive in sunlight. Fine bladed grass species often have the best appearance for a lawn, but do not stand up to foot traffic as well. So we select the best seed that meets your situations. All our seed blends are a high-quality commercial seed and contain multiple species of grass types so that you have the highest success rate. We special order our seed to remove any species that are susceptible to disease prone to our area, unlike most at the big box stores. Seed prices can vary by A LOT based on the type and quality of the seed.

When is the best time to get this done?

Similarly to core aeration and dethatching, overseeding is performed mid-Spring and mid Fall. This time is when the temperatures and rainfall are favorable, and the grass is actively growing.

What is the success rate of this?

We define success by one grass sprout per every 3” of turf at around eight weeks after service. Over time, that young grass plant will establish, grow and spread out to cover more area.

Can I buy my own seed for you to use?

Yes, but our service includes our own, proven commercial grade seed to ensure the best results.

What else do you recommend with this service?

To prepare the soil, we recommend dethatching and core aeration as well as a seed starter fertilizer and good water program after seeding.

How/when should I be watering?

The key to watering your new seed is to keep the soil damp but not overly saturated. We advise for the first three weeks that you water every day for 30 minutes each morning but do not water if it rains. After three weeks, you can switch to watering for 1 hour every other day. If the soil appears to be drying out, then apply more water.

What happens if I don’t water my grass?

Once seed germination has begun, grass seed will die in as little as 24 hours without proper watering. In some cases, the grass may be so new (young) that it has not yet broken the surface of the soil.  That could lead you to think that the grass seed was defective and didn’t germinate.

How long after overseeding should I wait until to mow it?

The time all depends. If you previously had grass and were only filling in spots in your lawn, then you can start mowing after about a week. However, if you did not have any existing grass and this is a new lawn installation we recommend that you keep heavy equipment and foot traffic off the areas that had seed spread for the first six weeks. After that time you can begin mowing the grass.

What if I get weeds after overseeding?

If your lawn already has weeds, those may continue to grow after your lawn seeding. It is wise to schedule a weed control application at least two weeks before your service. Additionally, it is practically impossible to filter out all weed seeds from grass seeds. There may be minimal weeds that pop up during its establishment. We recommend waiting two months after any seed service in general before applying any weed control applications.

What is the difference between overseeding, lawn renovation and a complete lawn reseed?

Overseeding will help to thicken and help establish an already established lawn. It is intended to take a lawn from good to great!

A lawn renovation will help take a thin growing lawn to a more thick and typical appearance. Lawn renovation keeps established grassroots in place but is enough to remove most top growth so that the seed has the best chance at an establishment.

Complete lawn reseeding is performed when the amount of grass currently in place is very minimal and of no value. To give the seed the best chance of establishment often, rototilling existing soil, adding new topsoil, grading, and Excelsior/seed blanket are used with the seed installation.

How long should I stay off my lawn after overseeding?

If you are going to have an overseeding service performed, it is best to reduce foot traffic and wear on your lawn for up to 3 weeks after the seeding service. Your existing grass will help to protect the new seed.

What is better sod or seed?

If you are going to have a complete lawn reseed, keep in mind the option to have sod installed.

Both sod and seed are great choices, but you need the one that is best for your needs. If you are looking for a quick, instant result, then sod is your go-to choice.  Sod comes ready to install and only takes about 6-8 weeks to have a deep root establishment. If you don’t need an instant yard transformation than you should consider having seed applied. Seed takes time, patience, and much preparation. It can take roughly 6-8 weeks for the grass to start sprouting. However, it can take about three seasons for the seed to look like sod.

One consideration when choosing between sod and seed is your families ability to stay off the area while the grass is establishing. Sod can be walked on or play on my kids and pets in as little as three weeks whereas seed applications can take many months to become wear resistant.

What services are typically done in conjunction with overseeding?

Our recommended routine includes dethatching, core aeration and then a general overseed of the lawn.

Will you notify ahead of time before my service?

Some services are available for automatic email notifications to inform you when your home is on an upcoming route. Please ask our office how to sign up for service notifications.

Will your crew be sure to close my fence gate?

Yes, after your services we train our crews to walk the property and close any gate we opened during the service.

How do I pay my bill?

For your convenience, when you sign up, you will put a credit card on your account file. Any service we perform will be auto-charged to your card. You are also welcome to call or log in to your online portal to update any payment information.

What is your overseeding service area?

Our overseeding service areas include:

  • Crystal Lake, IL 60014
  • The village of Lakewood, IL 60014
  • Lake In The Hills, IL 60156
  • Algonquin, IL 60102
  • Huntley, IL 60142
  • Cary, IL 60013
  • Oakwood Hills, IL 60013