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Your Most frequent Questions, Answered.

How much does a mulch delivery and installation service cost?

Our mulch delivery and installation service price starts at $300 including labor, materials & delivery. The actual cost of the mulch install depends on the amount of mulch your property requires, they type of mulch that you want, and the size and layout of your property. If you would like a flat rate quote, we can provide that after one of our experts has reviewed your property’s current condition. Call our office to schedule your clean up or get more information on obtaining a flat rate quote!

What type of mulch do you offer?

Our most popular mulch is a dark cocoa color that is triple ground to a fine, spreadable product. This mulch gets its color from the natural aging process and contains no die. A significant benefit of the aging process is that the product will continue to self-steam.  The self-steam process sterilizes the mulch, killing any insects, and weed seeds. We also offer special order mulches. Special mulches include an economical natural color double ground mulch, playground mulch, and red mulch.

Why should I install mulch?

Besides the obvious of being aesthetically eye pleasing mulch, offers many landscape benefits. Mulch creates a barrier that holds in moisture; this will prevent your plants from drying out. This barrier will also help prevent new weed seeds from coming into contact with the soil, thus reducing the number of weeds that will grow in your planting beds. When the mulch does break down, it turns into natural fertilizer to help feed your plants.

How often do you recommend having mulch installed?

We recommend your beds have a 2-3 inch layer covering of mulch. Mulch will deteriorate over time. Whenever you have less than a 2-inch thick layer, we suggest that you apply new mulch. In our area, it is common to install mulch and have landscape maintenance every season. Some mulch types will deteriorate faster than others.

How long should mulch last?

Mulch is a biodegradable product. Sun, rain and natural deterioration play factors on how long mulch lasts in it’s the best state. We recommend adding a new layer of mulch each season.  Adding new mulch will help to maintain the nutrients of the soil and keep a clean and tidy appearance.

Do you install playground mulch?

Yes, but, playground mulch is a special ordered, and a minimum quantity is required for us to install this for you.  Typically, playground mulch should have a thickness of 6 inches or more to help reduce injuries.

Can I order mulch for delivery only?

Yes, if you would like you can choose to have us deliver mulch and drop it in your driveway. However, if you do request a quote for mulch delivery only, ask us how much it would cost for mulch delivery and installation as well. You may find that the cost for us to install it is worth it so that you don’t have to do the back-breaking landscape maintenance work.

Can you spread my mulch?

Of course! You can provide your own mulch which we will gladly spread it. Mulch that is not purchased from us will be spread at our current hourly labor rates. Almost all our clients use us to deliver and install their mulch each season.

Do I need to prepare my beds for mulch?

We recommend that you edge your beds and remove your weeds before mulch installation. You are welcome to do these services yourself or contact us to get these scheduled. Quotes to install mulch are assuming that your beds are ready for mulch installation when the crews arrive.

What is mulch bed pre-emergent? Do you offer it?

A mulch bed pre-emergent is a product that our crew will spray or spread onto the beds to prevent new weeds from growing. Yes, we offer this as an option for you.

Should I have landscape fabric installed?

There are pros and cons to landscape fabric. When installed correctly, it can deter weeds from growing in your beds. However, if the fabric is installed too tight around the foliage, it could suffocate the plants and prevent water from being able to penetrate the soil and nourishing the plants. Mulch will bio-degrade into a form of soil. When mulch is installed on top of landscape fabric in future years, the fabric will become buried, having soil on top which will allow weeds to grow on top of the material, thus decreasing the effectiveness. For this reason, installing fabric before mulch installation is not very cost effective. We do highly advise fabric installation under any decorative stone or rock if you do not have mulch.

Will you notify ahead of time before my service?

Some services are available for automatic email notifications to inform you when your home is on an upcoming route. Please ask our office how to sign up for service notifications.

Will your crew be sure to close my fence gate?

Yes, after your services we train our crews to walk the property and close any gate we opened during the service.

How do I pay my bill?

For your convenience, when you sign up, you will put a credit card on your account file. Any service we perform will be auto-charged to your card. You are also welcome to call or log in to your online portal to update any payment information.

What is your mulch Delivery and installation service area?

Our mulch installation service areas include:

  • Crystal Lake, IL 60014
  • The village of Lakewood, IL 60014
  • Lake In The Hills, IL 60156
  • Algonquin, IL 60102
  • Huntley, IL 60142
  • Cary, IL 60013
  • Oakwood Hills, IL 60013