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Your Most frequent Questions, Answered.

How much does core aeration service cost?

Our core aeration price starts at $65, but of course, pricing for your request is based on the estimated amount of time that will take our team to complete your job. Things that will affect the estimated amount of time include property size, property layout, current landscaping condition, the complexity of the landscaping, and your requested scope of work. Give our office a call for your instant core aeration quote!

What is core aeration?

Core aeration is a lawn service that helps to relieve the compaction of the soil and grass roots. This service uses a machine that pulls small soil cores, (often referred to as a plug). The small spaces left from aerating, allow the compact soil to loosen, leaving an easy path for roots to grow.

How often do you recommend core aeration?

Depending on the traffic on the turf, we recommend core aerating at least once per year. If you have kids or pets that compact the lawn quicker, then we recommend having the service done twice.

When does this service take place?

Similarly to dethatching and overseeding, core aeration should take place when the grass is actively growing. Our 1st core aeration service is typically scheduled from March through May. The 2nd core aeration service is usually scheduled from September to October.

What is the benefit of aerating lawns?

The small spaces left from aerating, allow the compact soil to loosen, leaving an easy path for roots to grow. Once the ground relaxes, water, air, and fertilizer can more easily reach the grassroots. Thus, further encouraging the growth of your grass. Lawns that have this service performed regularly have a healthier root system. The hearty roots stand up and respond to stressful conditions like heavy foot traffic and drought. As a result, you will notice a more thick, lush green lawn in the coming months.

Do you pick up the plugs afterward?

No, the plugs will break down and disintegrate back into the soil as it rains.

What services are typically done in conjunction with core aeration?

Our recommended routine includes dethatching, core aeration and then a general overseed of the lawn.

Does it matter if I do core aeration or dethatching first?

The order of these services wonโ€™t make a difference if appropriately performed using commercial equipment.

Will your crew be sure to close my fence gate?

Yes, after your services we train our crews to walk the property and close any gate we opened during the service.

Should I mow before the service?

The grass should be less than 4 inches tall when performing this service. You should mow before core aeration if your lawn is greater than 4 inches in length.

Am I supposed to overseed after core aeration?

Overseeding is not necessary after core aeration. But, if you are going to overseed, it is recommended to do so after core aeration as the soil is prepped to allow for best success in germinating.

Will the equipment hit my invisible dog fence?

Invisible dog fence lines, as well as cable lines, are expected to be buried at least 4โ€ deep. However, we have found at times that this is not the case. Therefore, to be safe, we ask that all invisible dog fence lines and shallowly buried cables be marked before service so that our technician can navigate around these areas.

Do I need to be home when you service my property?

Of course not! There is no need for you to wait at home for our crews to come to mow your lawn. Our goal at Elite Lawn Care is to simplify your life, by showing up and taking care of your lawn service for you. So go to work, drop your kids off at school, enjoy your time, while we take care of your yard work. Be sure if you have a locked gate, our crews have access to your lawn and that your pets are safe inside.

Will you notify ahead of time before my service?

Some services are available for automatic email notifications to inform you when your home is on an upcoming route. Please ask our office how to sign up for service notifications.

Will you go both ways across my lawn?

Our basic core aeration rate includes one pass across the lawn. If you have been experiencing high traffic and dense compaction, we recommend two passes which are an additional charge.

How do I pay my bill?

For your convenience, when you sign up, you will put a credit card on your account file. Any service we perform will be auto-charged to your card. You are also welcome to call or log in to your online portal to update any payment information.

What is your core aeration service area?

Our core aeration service areas include:

  • Crystal Lake, IL 60014
  • The village of Lakewood, IL 60014
  • Lake In The Hills, IL 60156
  • Algonquin, IL 60102
  • Huntley, IL 60142
  • Cary, IL 60013
  • Oakwood Hills, IL 60013