The Benefits of Weekly Mowing shows

The Benefits Of Weekly Mowing

Proper mowing practices are perhaps the most vital part of any lawn care routine, the most important of which is sticking to a regular schedule. If your lawn misses even one week of its scheduled mowings, any number of harmful factors can begin to plague your yard. The benefits of mowing your lawn every week cover the full spectrum, from cosmetic effects to functional results. 

Elite Lawn Care offers some of the finest and most reliable weekly lawn mowing services in Illinois. Keep reading to find out some of the ways a consistent weekly mowing schedule can improve the health and appearance of your lawn.

Curb Appeal

Before even getting into the health benefits of weekly lawn mowing, let’s start with the most obvious reason to cut your grass regularly—because it looks good! You should think of your lawn as a red carpet to your home. When people pass by your property, or when invited guests walk up to your door, your front lawn is the first thing they will see. A weekly mowing routine ensures that your lawn is always looking its best and ready to impress! 

Uniform Growth

Making sure your grass remains at a uniform height benefits both the aesthetics and the health of your lawn. When lawns miss scheduled mowings, unruly and irregular grass growth can develop that will make your yard look very unappealing. Uneven grass growth can also affect the color and lushness of your lawn. By maintaining consistently uniform turf, you are ensuring that minerals, water, and sunlight are distributed evenly across your lawn, resulting in every grass blade having a similar look and a similar texture. Sticking to a weekly routine is the best way to accomplish a uniformly trimmed lawn.

Improved Recovery

After a lawn begins to see repeated cutting at a uniform height, you will notice that the grass recovers much better in between mowings. When your lawn is mowed, the turf is technically being damaged. When grass is damaged, or cut, it needs to repair itself, which is what happens when your lawn grows after mowing. This repairing process requires adequate sunlight and nutrition, and parts of your lawn will not be able to access these resources if grass grows taller in certain areas and absorbs a larger amount of sunlight and nutrients. Grass that is not getting adequate nutrition could start turning brown and dying. Keeping your lawn mowed on a weekly basis helps ensure thick and strong regrowth.

Stronger Grass

“Survival of the fittest” is not a phrase often associated with mowing the lawn, but it should be! When your grass gets cut, it is the strongest blades that recover the quickest and regrow most efficiently. Grass shoots that are weaker will not be able to take in the same amount of nutrients as heartier shoots, which will cause those weaker grass blades to struggle and die. However, the strongest grass blades will flourish and thicken, making up for the loss of the weaker grass. With every single mowing, lawns become stronger and more resilient. The more you mow, the better your lawn will grow! 

Weed Control

As stated in the prior sections, uniform height and thick grass coverage are best achieved by a weekly mowing schedule. In the event that weeds begin to sprout up from your lawn, the strong turf created by weekly mowing can actually help destroy the weeds. Weeds feed off of the same nutritional sources as healthy grass blades. When your lawn is made strong and vibrant by weekly mowings, it has a much better chance of defeating weeds naturally because the turfgrass is able to absorb more nutrients than the weeds. If strong grass is able to get the majority of nutrients, weeds will struggle to grow and will eventually die.

Pest Control

There are many types of bugs that would love to call your lawn home. Tall grass and wild growth give bugs a place to hide in your lawn. The longer you wait in between mowings, the more time a pest population has to grow and spread. Before you know it, you could have pests destroying your grass, and those bugs may even lay eggs in the soil. Your lawn should be maintained at a proper height via regularly scheduled trimmings in order to prevent such infestations from developing. 

Stimulating grass root growth as much as possible is always a good idea. One way you can accomplish this is by utilizing a specific technique of mowing. Generally speaking, longer grass blades grow deeper roots; however, you do not want to skip mowings in order to allow your grass to grow longer, as uneven growth could lead to a host of problems. If you are looking to improve your lawn’s roots via mowing, you can have your grass trimmed just slightly higher each week until the roots have had time to grow and strengthen. Regulating longer turf growth in this way will avoid the damaging effects of not mowing, and it will promote stronger roots that can better withstand weeds, lawn grubs, inclement weather, and much more.


Many people do not realize it, but grass trimmings work as a natural fertilizer for your lawn. Grass blades contain the same nutrients that are found in store-bought fertilizers: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Clippings taken at a proper height can be left on top of your lawn, and they will eventually be reabsorbed into the soil to provide nutrients to your turf.

If your lawn is overgrown, however, grass clippings that are too large will have the opposite effect because they will not be able to decompose as easily. Instead, they will lead to thatch buildup and block out sunlight and nutrients from the rest of your lawn. Make sure your lawn is mowed every week for grass clippings that will benefit your turf. Also, be sure to check out our fertilization and dethatching services for additional help!

Safer Conditions

Hiding in overgrown lawns could be all sorts of debris and clutter. Kids, pets, and other loved ones shouldn’t have to be worried about tripping over some hidden obstruction in your lawn and potentially getting injured. Things like twigs, branches, rocks, pinecones, and any number of other objects could be lurking in unkempt lawns, and they can be quite dangerous if they go undetected. Aside from tripping over or running into such objects, mowing over them could be even more hazardous. Mowing solid objects can harm the lawn mower, but, more importantly, it can lead to the objects being violently shot out from beneath the blades. This can lead to severe property damage and bodily harm. Avoid these dangerous situations by mowing your lawn every single week.

Save Time & Money

This benefit is really more about you than your lawn, but your needs are also important! Paying for a scheduled mowing service is typically a cheaper option than paying for individual mowings each time your lawn gets out of control. Unruly lawns are more difficult to mow and pose more risks, which means you will get charged more per mowing by a lawn care company. Even if you choose to mow your own lawn, you will quickly find that mowing an overgrown lawn takes more time, uses more gas/power, and can even damage your mower. The potential money spent and time wasted on repairs and supplies can all be avoided by consistently keeping your lawn mowed. Call Elite Lawn Care today to discover all the ways our dependable weekly mowing service can help your lawn!